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Storage Management

SaintGroup storage management provides organisations with a comprehensive service for their data access and storage requirements. Businesses have been facing growing storage concerns as data demands grow with increasing multimedia, database and email content and stricter compliance demands. Furthermore, the uptime availability and high performance of this data have become paramount to end users. SaintGroup Storage and Backup Management solutions address these concerns by providing an easy to manage, resilient and automated service.

SaintGroup storage management solutions address storage concerns around escalating data storage demands by providing an easy to manage, resilient and automated product set. The solutions include tailored designs, planning and implementation delivery to ensure an effective data strategy is in place and largely automated.

SaintGroup provides a comprehensive service for data access and storage requirements, prioritising crucial and often retrieved information while pushing non-core data to more cost efficient storage methods.

SaintGroup ensures data is secure, resilient and that archiving and backups are automated and seamless. Storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) hardware is utilised to provide dynamic storage for traditional servers and virtualised machines. Automated archiving ensures that the tier one data is efficiently managed on high performance disks, whilst older static data can be archived in a seamless fashion without user intervention.

Backups and replication are configured to allow for the highest level of business continuity. SaintGroup has four key storage management solutions:

Automated Archiving

Allows businesses to be protected for compliance and operations practices, whilst ensuring inactive data is stored automatically in a cost effective manner.

Dynamic Storage

Detailed design, planning and implementation of storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) systems to deliver high performance storage for crucial data.

Centralised Vault Back-ups

Online and on site recovery of critical data from a hosted storage solution.

Data Replication

Delivers the highest level of business continuity for file, database, application and messaging requirements.