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Protecting an organisation and its data from targeted attacks and general malicious behaviour is imperative. Security applies across all people, process and technology throughout an organisation, and should protect against both external and internal threats. Effective security empowers people to work effectively, and should be an enabler of services.

From design and implementation to support, monitoring and management, SaintGroup provides a single point of contact for securing complex networks. Good security means that integrity is maintained and that services are always available to your employees, customers, suppliers or partners. SaintGroup plans, implements and manages successful long-term security strategies and infrastructure that exactly fit the current and future requirements of an organisation.

Data Security

Secure computing is an approach that encompasses people and process, as well as technology itself. Making employees aware of best practice and their responsibilities is the most effective way of avoiding falling prey to social engineering attacks. Strong processes ensure that good security practices become embedded within the corporate culture. A range of technology solutions, from simply keeping software up to date through to secure device management and real time monitoring and intrusion protection, completes an effective secure computing environment.

Identity Management

When managing business-critical data, there is a fine balance between protecting it from unwanted access or attack and making it as available as possible to bona fide users. The balancing act is addressed through identity management. It provides the capability to control the high performance delivery of protected data to authorised users according to their policy profiles, access rights and authenticated identities.

Application Control

Effective application control – ensuring that end users do not create security risks by downloading and installing applications or by making changes to existing business applications - revolves around selecting, installing and supporting the most effective content filtering solutions available. Threats range from minor nuisances to major resource drains that can create serious vulnerabilities to data, lawsuits and reputation damage. Spam, viruses, worms, phishing, blended threats and inappropriate use of applications are all part of the same issue; controlling the application.