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What We Do

Companies are demanding renewed levels of expertise, integrity and transparency from their technology partners and suppliers as they seek to implement ‘pain-free’ technology solutions and migrations that will help drive growth, improve business operations and agility and increase customer support, whilst reducing capital expenditure and improving return on investment both in terms of people and costs.

Whether organisations need to rapidly transform their operations, optimise IT assets or improve responsiveness, SaintGroup implements leading edge technologies and fully integrated solutions, deployed on premise, via Cloud services or a combination as appropriate, through a single trusted business partner.

SaintGroup’ end to end comprehensive portfolio of services ensures that organisations can fully optimise their spend on IT operations; that re-engineering is as painless as possible; that new technologies are evaluated and only suitable, risk-appraised propositions are offered, and that capital expenditure concerns can be overcome by subscription-based partial or full managed services deployment. Organisations can free their in-house resources to focus on supporting their business rather than evaluating, implementing and managing ever-evolving specialist elements such as device management, security and infrastructure management and optimisation.

Integrated on-premise and hosted services

As businesses struggle to decide between on-premise or Cloud based operations, SaintGroup offers organisations flexibility of deployment options. We can manage the differing networking, virtualisation and security elements of deploying data, voice, software applications and storage to meet our customers’ requirements. SaintGroup provides a single integrated approach whatever the deployment choice, and unlike multi-vendor arrangements, all voice and data connectivity services can be operated on one network linked to our secure 24/7 tier 3 secure and resilient data centre providing an “end to end” SLA. This simplicity ensures scalability and offers more effective integration with legacy operations and applications. It also enables the customer to bring other system capabilities on line rapidly in the future without any disruption to daily operations.

Flexible operations and cost control

SaintGroup helps organisations plan for changes in their physical locations and better plan ongoing running costs and maximise staff productivity. Through carefully-designed flexible working and fully managed secure mobile and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies that aim to deliver more with less, SaintGroup helps manage risk while empowering and mobilising workforces providing an end-to-end data centre to user experience. These create a robust and totally secure platform for flexible working practices using the latest mobile device strategies and platforms such as Unified Communications, presence and Instant Messaging providing a clear implementation path to help determine which operations can be successfully migrated and how quickly. This focus identifies migration risks, drives out installation costs and makes longer-term ownership costs cheaper and more predictable.

Making virtualisation and cloud work

CIOs understand the potential of virtualised environments and Cloud Computing platforms, but are not always clear what the right virtualisation strategy is for their business, or how far to go with the virtualisation of resources and/or applications and data. Concern over the security risks of putting critical data and core applications in the Cloud is very real, especially given the proliferation of federated services or those offering only a cost-only focus. SaintGroup connectivity services ensure transport layer connectivity and in-cloud SSL/VPN offerings depending on security specification. Our experts can deliver virtualised business platforms, deployed on site, in the Cloud, or a mixture of both and backed by our secure data centre operation, that ensure 24/7 resilience and enhanced SLAs.

A trusted provider

Acutely aware of new and more agile modes of working or cost-cutting drives, organisations see the extraordinary potential of technology-driven change to rethink daily operations and service delivery costs. They too want to migrate to cutting edge business platforms such as standardised networks and agile operations based on hosted or managed IT infrastructures, and increasingly push data and business operations and into the Cloud. Through our end-to-end service capability, SaintGroup delivers fast, risk-managed migrations that provide a platform for more flexible and cost effective operations, provides a suite of flexible services with a wealth of expertise, and offers the capex or opex options to enable business change.

SaintGroup helps organisations transform the way they work by optimising and integrating new and existing IT infrastructures and systems through the most cost and operationally efficient methods suitable for each individual company’s roadmap of requirements; designed, implemented and managed by experts.